Sonos is a home audio system that lets you customize your setup so you get the best audio experience for your home. In addition to high quality speakers, the system comes complete with an app that lets you control your audio experience from your smart phone and Trueplay perfectly customizes your speakers so you hear what the artists original recorded.

How is Sonos Different?

Sonos gives you not just the ability to manage your audio from any room in your home but also the ability to perfect the sound quality to fit any room in your home. Trueplay uses your smart phone or iPad to determine how sound bounces off the walls and other surfaces in your room. This makes it possible to hear things just as they were recorded – hear every note as it was played and intended to be heard.

How Do I Add Sonos to My AV Setup?

To add Sonos to your home, it’s important to work with a professional to determine which components in your existing setup you can keep, which should be upgraded and what needs to be added for the optimal experience. Work with an experienced audio visual installer to get the perfect setup for your home.

See Sonos in Action

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