Pre-Wire New Construction

Structured wiring is a wise choice for anyone building or remodeling a home. Your home can be pre-wired during these times to accommodate media rooms, networking, surveillance, home automation, whole home audio and more. This proactive service is the most effective, efficient and cost-conscious way to install your home theater products.

Structured Pre-Wiring of your New Home

Structured wiring lays the foundation for a fully functional, easy to use home theater or automation setup. During construction of your new home or addition, or remodeling, we can pre-wire your home for the final functionality you desire. This saves time, money and mess so that when your construction is done, you’re already setup to plug and play your home theater, automation, or smart home components. Options include:

Pre-construction wiring saves time and money for contractors and homeowners alike. Building with your end product in mind helps make sure that everything works optimally. We’ve worked with both contractors and homeowners to structure every type of media, audio visual and surveillance equipment during construction or remodeling.

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