Home Control

Never worry if you left the lights on or locked yourself out of the house again. Thanks to Control4, you have the ability to control your whole home – from temperature to lights to security system – at the touch of a button. Use your personal computer, smart phone, or tablet to control the functionality of your home’s features for added convenience, safety, and efficiency.

Control4 Touchpanel

​Home Automation with Control4

Home automation allows you to control the elements in your home at the touch of a button. You have the ability to set each room at a different temperature, turn off lights from the comfort of your bed, lock any doors you may have left open while running errands, and begin playing music out on your patio while hosting a party. Home automation options with Control4 include:

  • Lighting
  • Temperature control
  • Security including doorbell cameras
  • Doors
  • Shades
  • Home theater and audio

Home automation can be integrated with your personal computer, phone, or tablet, and managed via an app, touchscreen, or voice command so that you have complete control over your home in the way that best fits your life, and you can control the systems of your home whether or not you are actually in your home. We’ve worked with many Charlotte area homeowners to give them the control and flexibility over their home’s features they’ve always wanted. Our years of experience makes us the perfect partner to develop your home’s automated systems.


Why Control4 for Home Control and Home Automation?

For the convenience, peace of mind, and ease of use Control4 provides, coupled with the comprehensive nature of home features Control4 integrates with, it is our preferred system for bringing home control and home automation to our clients throughout the Charlotte and Wilmington, NC areas. Learn more about Control4 and what it can offer you.

  • Control4 can be integrated into new or existing construction, so you don’t have to miss out if you’re already living in your home.
  • Control4 provides you a way to control all smart, connected features of your home from a single app, and one that’s available for both iOS and Android users.
  • Our home control installation professionals will customize your home control settings as you desire, and Control4 has an easy-to-use homeowner personalization tool to modify any settings as needed.
  • Control4 offers the option to set up push notifications and alerts to give you the peace of mind you prefer, and from anywhere on the globe.
  • Control4 brings together both wired and wireless devices in your home, and works well with products made by other popular brands.


Call us at 704.450.4401 to leverage our hands-on experience to manage your home or keep your loved ones safe and secure.