Residential Services

Home Theater Solutions can make each room in your home a fun, relaxing place to be. Check out our home theater and smart home services to see the extraordinary products and design features we have to offer.

Doing Our Part

To make sure we provide the very best experience and products for you, we work in two phases.

Phase 1

Gathering Information

Homeowners that we have the joy of working with may have an idea of the smart home products they’re looking for but aren’t entirely sure of what products can meet their needs.

We work directly with our customers to find the best solution for their homes
Homeowners and builders always stay entitled to their wants and needs while learning more about what products are available for them
We stay on track with the latest products and solutions to give customers the very best experience

Phase 2

Selecting the Products and Components

We guarantee to work with your needs, using the best home theater products, in the most efficient manner, to provide a brilliant experience.

We work directly with vendors through trade shows and meetings to learn the latest and greatest home automation and theater products perform
We gain hands-on experience with products on the market to find the best performing solutions that are the easiest to use
We also learn from the mistakes of others through reworking poor installations and inferior products

Home Theater Installation

Imagine having a dedicated media space designed specifically for viewing movies, sporting events and concerts without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

Home Control

Integrates audio/video, lighting, climate control, security, surveillance, etc. which can be controlled via smart phone, tablet or PC. Offers convenience, energy efficiency and safety benefits for your family.

Whole Home Audio

Provides the capability to access high quality music within every room in your home using multiple components, such as: streaming Pandora, a CD or your favorite vinyl album.

Outdoor Audio Video

Create the ultimate backyard entertaining space using special weatherized flat screened TVs, hidden speakers, audio control and/or outdoor video. Watching the games or listening to your favorite artists will never be the same.

Home Networking

With today’s household containing more and more network devices, speed, efficiency and reliability are essential. Let us provide you with high performance network gear so that you get the most out of your devices.

Pre-Construction Wiring

When building or remodeling a home, structured wiring for audio video is the most efficient and cost effective way to install your home theater products.

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