Christmas morning in the 80’s had parents scrambling to install D batteries in their children’s newly-opened, electronic toys. By comparison, Christmas morning in 2021 has parents scrambling to connect their child’s new device to their home Wi-Fi network. My, how times have changed. In this blog post, we’re going to help you prepare for the increased requirements you’re about to add to your home’s Wi-Fi network thanks to all the new holiday gifts. Let’s talk about optimizing your home Wi-Fi for the holidays.

Optimizing your Home's Wi-Fi for the Holidays

Optimizing your Home Wi-Fi for the Holiday

Dad got a Ring doorbell, Mom got a Roomba, College son got a new laptop, High-school daughter got a new smartphone, and the fifth grader got a new tablet. All of which need to connect to your home’s Wi-Fi and will be used non-stop for 2 weeks while everyone’s home from school and work for the holidays. 

The holidays give us additional time at home with our loved ones. We can plan that we will be having quality time doing puzzles together or playing board games, but we all know we will be snuggled on the couch streaming Christmas movies on the TV while simultaneously watching TikTok videos on our phones. That is a lot of extra drag on your Wi-Fi bandwidth. No one wants slow-running Wi-Fi on Christmas – or anytime of the year – except a Grinch.

One quick fix may be accomplished by beginning to use ethernet cables. We know “ethernet” sounds like a term that retired in 2005, but it shouldn’t. Plugging in your “in-place” devices directly to your router will give your Wi-Fi bandwidth breathing room to perform better for your wireless devices.

Ultimately, if you know your current Wi-Fi strength is sub-optimal or suspect that you may begin to run into issues once everyone in your house is on their own devices over the holidays, reach out to us for help. We can complete a site survey at your home to determine the best ways to improve your Wi-Fi experience.

We hope everyone who you love will be home for the holidays.