Get used to hearing and saying “8K resolution” because it is the new frontier of television technology. We know it may seem like this is a big step forward; you probably just got your head around 4K resolution TVs and now the tech world is throwing you something new. The good news is that 8K resolution is easy to understand because it is the beautiful detail of 4K resolution multiplied by 2. Let’s take a look at Sony 8K TVs.

8K Resolution and Sony TVs

Photo credit: Sony

8K Resolution and Sony TVs

8K really is a grandiose jump in resolution. Coupled with most 8K TV sets being 75-85 inches, you find yourself truly stepping into an immersive viewing experience, maybe even for the first time. We think you’ll feel that 8K resolution provides the most lifelike viewing experience you are going to get in your home.

Sony currently has 3 televisions on the market with 8K resolution, and each of them will knock your socks off. The XBR75Z8H and XR75Z9J are the two sets intended for mainstream retail. The third model, Z9h, retails at $59,999 and is phenomenal, but meant more for studio use and is not what we will focus on here.

Why Sony is winning the 8K resolution TV game:

  • Compatible with Google Assistant, Apple Home kit, and Amazon Alexa
  • Sony’s X-Wide angle technology ensures a great view from any spot in the room.
  • Clearer onscreen action thanks to Sony’s X-Motion technology
  • Advanced color gradation from Sony’s TRILUMINOS™ Display

Sony’s Cognitive Processor XR

The XR75Z9J (the more expensive of the two retail sets) also boasts Sony’s Cognitive Processor XR. As stated on the Sony website, the Cognitive Processor XR is “Revolutionary TV processing technology that understands how humans see and hear. Pushing 8K picture quality to the max with precise details, intense contrast, and natural colors.” If you do not think we have already welcomed AI into our televisions, we certainly have now.

More and more content is being produced in 8K, slowly making 4K a thing of the past. Maybe you aren’t ready to run out and upgrade today, but when you do, make sure you upgrade with Sony to find yourself immersed in your favorite content.