A trend we are continuing to see in 2021 is the focus on improved WiFi. It goes without saying that we are home more, and often with more devices and streaming services than we had a few years ago. Plus, the need for speedy internet is not just for work and school; we need a strong, fast internet connection to mindlessly scroll our phones and watch TV until we finish everything available on Netflix. Don’t worry, we have your back with some updated tips for improving your home’s WiFi.

Tips for Improving your Home's WiFi

Tips for Improving your Home’s WiFi

Mesh WiFi Network Technology

We have suggested range extenders in the past, which are helpful when you’re in a pinch and especially if you are on a tight budget. But if you are serious about investing in improving your WiFi for a little more expense, a Mesh WiFi Network is the way to go.

A mesh network utilizes several “booster” devices throughout your home that can communicate with each other and your WiFi router. Your personal experience with your WiFi will stay consistent as you move throughout your home without the interruptions of network changes that you experience with range extenders.

HTS Top Pick for a Mesh Network: Eero Pro 6

The Eero Pro 6 was released this past fall and our review is 5-star. The Pro comes as a 3-pack (6,000 sq. ft), 2-pack (3500 sq. ft), or single (2,000 sq. ft) sets. Each device within the pack is spaced throughout your home to eliminate internet ‘dead zones’.

Our favorite part, however, might just be the control you have with the app. You can check the network speed and see which devices are connected. You can even turn off connection to a device from your phone (think: a teenager grounded from WiFi).

The Eero Pro 6 should solve all the dead zone problems in your home, but if by some chance you find there are certain times of day when your connections still seem to struggle, our final tip is simple and maybe even a little obvious: Do not forget that you can still be plugged-in to your modem via an ethernet cord. In fact, we advise all our clients to plug in all stationary devices. Gaming consoles, Smart TVs, Roku, or computers will be better served being plugged in directly to your modem or Eero Pro. Taking those devices off your home’s WiFi will better serve the speed for all devices that need to operate solely on the Wi-Fi (e.g. smart watches, iPads, smartphones, etc.).

We might be mindlessly scrolling our phones just as much in 2021, but at least we can say we’re scrolling a little faster.