Every year we look forward to the fall football season. To us, fall football means Saturdays and Sundays filled with chili, wings, tailgating, and best of all, friends and family. Of course, the 2020 football season probably looks a lot different for many of us than in years past, but one thing is more true now than ever before: you need an awesome TV. Especially in the year of Covid, we say go for it and upgrade that TV that you have been (undoubtedly) using quite often these last 7 months. Below are our top picks for best televisions for watching football in 2020.

Best TVs for the 2020 Football Season

Best TVs for the 2020 Football Season

First, a brief disclaimer: 720p and 1080p have become outdated standards. If you are shopping for a TV, those pixel counts are no longer what you’ll want to be looking for. If you are buying any type of new TV at this time, it is going to be a 4K television.

Best All Around TV – LG CX OLED

This is hands down the best TV on the market right now and it has a price tag to match. The LG CX is empowered with software like the a9 Gen 3 AI Processor which enhances gaming and sports with better refresh rates and clarity than your average 4K television. That is on top of the pixel dimming capabilities, not to mention add-ons like Alexa and Google Assistant, Dolby Vision and Cinema HDR.

Runner Up TV – Sony A8H OLED

Scour the internet for “best TV of 2020” research and you will find much debate over the clear top choice between our 2 top picks. At the end of the day, they are both incredible televisions and we really feel like you cannot go wrong. The Sony’s one unique feature over the LG is its acoustic surface audio system that literally uses the entire screen as a speaker. Literally.

Best Budget TV – Hisense H8G

This is important because there is not a whole lot of talk about this television, but also because in the year 2020, being respectful of everyone’s pocketbooks is important.

The response time of the Hisense H8G is excellent for a budget-friendly choice and makes it excellent for watching sports and gaming. One thing to note is that it will be important to consider where the set will be placed in your home as this television’s brightness may not be able to combat the glare of direct light. This set also does not have the best viewing angles. Meaning, if you have a lot of people over to watch football and spread out throughout the room, those seated to the sides of the television will have a noticeably impeded experience. Which makes this television a Covid-approved purchase since you likely won’t be having such large crowds over anyway.

It continues to be an unprecedented year, and football has not been untouched. We know Covid has affected every part of your life, even doing the unthinkable by messing with our sports. That’s why we say it’s worth it to you to upgrade your home football viewing experience with the latest and greatest in TV technology.