In early Spring 2020, our day-to-day lives as we knew them to be, changed in major ways. The spread of Covid-19 across the globe found many people and many families not leaving from inside the 4 walls of their home.

Schools were closed, and online learning began. Offices moved to a work from home model. Social activities like dinners out, movies, and meeting friends for a couple drinks at a local bar came to an abrupt stop.

And as a result of having everyone in your family home together nearly all the time, there was a huge increase on your home’s WiFi and network capabilities.

Virtual Tech Support in Charlotte NC

Virtual Tech Support in the Charlotte, NC Area 

If your experience has been anything like my family’s, you have found yourself trying to find a new rhythm in life. You’ve also realized how much you all use and need to use your TVs, laptops, tablets, smart phones, and streaming services.

School work for the kids.

Career work for you and your spouse.

Streaming of movies and binge watching of TV series to pass the time.

Online workouts because you can’t go to the gym.

Online Sunday worship services from your church.

While we don’t know exactly how things will play out in the future, it sure does seem like our new normal will be largely dependent on technology to keep us working, keep our kids learning, keep our social connections strong, and to keep us entertained.

At HTS, we are ready to keep you connected … virtually. As a consideration to your health and safety, we are now capable of offering virtual service calls in addition to our in-home visits. Our tech experts will be available to remotely assist you with many of your home networking needs. 

This new tech support option gives you the ability to keep your new socially-distanced lifestyle up and running with diagnostic and repair services provided by our expert technicians…with or without those technicians entering your home.

If your family’s current home AV system or network needs a better long-term solution, or even just a tune-up, we are here and ready to support you while keeping everyone safe. Please click to contact us via this form on our website or call us at 704.450.4401.

As always, we are thankful to be of service to this community.