If you are a restaurant or bar owner who’s working on a new build or build out, or perhaps doing a major renovation to your space, it’s likely you’ve given at least some thought to your business’ AV needs. Businesses of all types are finding that they need strong WiFi and networking because their customers expect it, in addition to their own needs for running the business, processing transactions, and the like. Additionally, many restaurants or bars have a need for background music (at a minimum), and then add in an intercom or multiple TVs, and your list of AV considerations grows pretty rapidly.

Why Professional AV Equipment is Needed in your Restaurant or Bar

Your restaurant or bar’s AV needs could have been an afterthought for you and you are trying to quickly and easily make up for lost time and lack of planning. AV equipment you use in your own home might feel familiar to you. Or you might be trying to keep a close eye on the budget and are weighing the cost of professional AV equipment against what the average homeowner would choose to purchase.

The bottom line is that the needs your restaurant or bar will have for its AV setup are much better and more thoroughly served with professional AV equipment than AV equipment manufactured for personal use.

Why Professional AV Equipment is Needed in your Restaurant or Bar

3 Reasons Why Professional AV Equipment is Better for your Restaurant or Bar

– Professional AV equipment is built to run more hours and in less favorable conditions Think about it…the typical restaurant is open through 2 meal times a day (either breakfast and lunch, or lunch and dinner). Adding in time before opening and time after closing that customers aren’t present but employees are, and you easily are running your AV equipment 10+ hours a day. Now compare that to your personal use at home. It’s likely significantly fewer hours at home, and significantly less use most days of the week. In your restaurant or bar, you likely will need to hide your equipment out of site and it could even be housed in a hot, steamy kitchen space. Professional-grade AV equipment is designed with different cooling features than similar equipment meant for the home would be.

– Professional AV equipment provides better sound quality Equipment like TVs and speakers are usually managed from a distance and from a central location inside a restaurant or bar. Signals sent when changing the channel or adjusting the volume can interfere with consumer-grade AV equipment because consumer-grade equipment has unbalanced external lines compared to the balanced lines of professional-grade AV equipment. The balanced lines of professional-grade equipment eliminate noises like radio frequencies and cell phones, which leads to a better overall sound quality.

– Professional AV equipment provides better sound coverage The baseline volume level of almost any bustling place of business is going to much higher than that of your home. The total open space of your restaurant and bar is likely going to be far larger than any given room in your home, too. Speakers made for home use aren’t going to have the range of volume level that would be needed in a commercial space like a professional-grade speaker would.

Selecting professional AV equipment will benefit your restaurant or bar because it will deliver at a superior performance level while also lasting for many more years than AV equipment manufactured for home use. Curious to learn more about commercial AV design? Learn more about it here and contact us.