Always one of our favorite posts, we are excited to bring you some of the most fun and unique tech stocking stuffers you can find in 2019. Keeping cost in mind, all these picks are under $25 at the time of this post being published, and cover everyone on your holiday shopping list.

Top Tech Stocking Stuffers for 2019

Kamigami Lina Robot

Let’s start off with a pick for the kids in your life. Since after all, Santa likes kids the best. 

We found the Kamigami Lina Robot by chance, and within 10 minutes, were sold on it. This is a cost-effective way to spend some time engineering a robot with your kids and letting them control the completed robot via a free app on your phone. 

The robot is made of paper and/or thin sheets of plastic that are easily folded and used to build fun robots like scorpions, lady bugs, and beetles. The instructions for building the robots are easy to follow, and it is an all-around great experience and time well spent with your kids. Also, simply put, you cannot beat the price. The Kamigami Lina Robots range from $12 – $20 currently.

Smartish Magnetic Cable Wrangler

For the past 3 years, we have included some type of cable management product on our list of favorite tech stocking stuffers and for good reason: we all have cords and lots of them. 

The Smartish Magnetic Cable Wrangler is our top cable management product for 2019 stockings. This product is intended for your everyday mobile charging cords (phones, headphones, USB charging cables etc.). The small and attractive magnetic pad grips nicely to your desk or nightstand to collect and hold your cables in place.

You can find Smartish Magnetic Cable Wranglers for around $20 online. 

Ninja Phone Loop

We love the ninja phone loop as the new easy grip phone holding accessory. In years past, we’ve featured similar products that worked great but ultimately interfere with wireless charging and/or phone docking systems. Which in our world, is a deal breaker. 

The Ninja Loop is a slim loop that is easily installed to your existing phone case and does not interfere with wireless charging or your phone docking system. And to make it even more fun as a stocking stuffer, it is currently only $5.99 on the website and comes in 56 fun patterns and colors. So you can be sure to find the right phone loop for each person on your list.

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Elekcity Smart Plug

If you are new to smart home gadgets or perhaps, just aren’t all that savvy yourself when it comes to smart homes, then you will love the Elekcity Smart Plug. This smart plug is adaptable to Amazon’s Alexa and allows you to control your otherwise not-so-smart lights and other plug-in items via Alexa. 

You can find these smart plugs for $18.99 for 2 plug-ins. That’s not just smart, that is brilliant.

Enfain USB 3.0 Flash Drive Retro Mixtape

We are saving the best for last as none of our picks made us smile more than the Enfain USB 3.0 Flash Drive Retro Mixtape.

If you are like us, you long for the days of mixtapes. Either getting you through a tough time or for giving to someone you love, nothing quite compares to the nostalgia of handing someone you care about a mixtape. Many of us thought those days were over, but alas, this stocking stuffer brings all of us hope. 

This standard USB is disguised as a retro looking mixtape. You can compile a playlist of your choice and save to your USB and literally hand your loved one a mixtape (or in this case, stuff it in their stocking). We loved the idea of this product so much, you guessed it, we bought a few. They are easily found on Amazon and other retailers for $14.99 each.

Photo credit: Enfain on Amazon

We wish you all a happy holiday season and a great new year. Thanks for reading along with us throughout 2019!