Many restaurant entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking that setting up the ideal audio and visual system for their space comes down to one thing: money. While it’s true that you do get what you pay for in most audio/visual setups, money cannot predict the ideal solutions for your restaurant or bar. 

What to Consider for the AV Setup of your Restaurant or Bar

What to Consider for the AV Setup of your Restaurant or Bar

Let’s start right away with the number one thing you should consider when planning your audio-visual design for a bar or restaurant space: your layout. Bar and restaurant establishments are not one size fits all types of businesses. Just like a house, there are a million different layouts to consider (as well as materials used in walls, floors, tables, and bar and counter tops). If you don’t strategically plan for your layout, furniture, and finishings, you could waste a lot of money on an expensive setup that falls short of properly serving the needs of your bar or restaurant.

You might be thinking where to place televisions is no brainer. And maybe, you are right. However, we would argue that when it comes to bar and restaurant establishments, the audio is more difficult to plan for and setup correctly than the visual. So, listen up – spend some money on an expert A/V installer to walk through your space, take some measurements, and get to know your vision for the entertainment piece of your restaurant or bar. This will be money well spent, and ensure that your completed A/V installation is the best answer for your needs.

Your expert installer won’t just know the top televisions, speakers, and interfaces to recommend, but they will also come with a wealth of knowledge on how sound travels in a 2-story establishment versus a 1-story establishment. They will know – based on your maximum capacity and floor plan – where and how much background noise to expect. They will also know that your A/V system will be managed by your restaurant and bar staff, not tech experts. Which means, they will set you up with an easy-to-use and easy-to-train system so your staff can change a channel and get back to serving customers in a heartbeat.

Throw as much money as you want at your A/V setup, but if you don’t have a strategic plan for your space, your money will fall on deaf ears.