Some people love the start of fall for the sweaters. Others love the start of fall for the gorgeous foliage found only during this season. Then there are the smart folks who recognize the most important thing about fall: football.

That’s right, it’s football season and we are here with our top picks for creating the ideal home theater setup to hunker down in every Sunday.

Best Home Theater Setup for Football Season

Best Home Theater Setup for Football Season

  1. Hear the Football Stadium

Some would argue that they prefer watching football games from home for the instant playbacks and always perfect view of each play. But what no one can argue is that your standard TV setup can’t capture the loud roar of the crowd when you’re sitting in the stands. 

Your only hope for encapsulating that game day noise is through Dolby Atmos. We’ve sung the praises of Dolby Atmos before but if you need a refresher, it is the only speaker system that truly creates a sound that surrounds you. 

2. See the Football Stadium

The best of the best right now as far as TVs are 4K Ultra HD Resolution. These TVs are the current gold standard for watching sports. The resolution will have you throwing flags on the play before the ref even reaches in his pocket.

Some of our favorite 4K Ultra HD Sets are the Sony A9F and Samsung Q9F.

3. Control the Stadium

Stop messing around and get smart by jumping into home automation. If you already have a smart hub of choice, we highly recommend splurging on adding some automated integration to control your sound system, lighting, thermostat or even luxury conveniences like motorized blinds (no one can see the game if there is a glare on the TV)!

4. Multiple Football Stadiums

Let’s be honest – picking just one game to watch is too hard of a task for the modern human. Which is why we are suggesting that for your own well-being, you consider installing multiple screens so you can watch the home team while keeping an eye on your conference rival. 

This does not have to be an expensive task. If you are already planning to upgrade your screen, use your old set as an additional screen or invest into several middle to low end sets to install around your main set. 

5. Stadium Seating and Refreshments

Our last tip is to remind you that no one will want to come to your house and spend 4 hours watching the game on a lawn chair. As a true football fan and friend, you should spend some time thinking about where your pals will rest their derrieres. 

  • How many seats do you need? 
  • How much space do you have? 
  • Are there any blind spots in the room? 
  • Any areas the sound doesn’t travel well too? 

These are little questions that will go a long way in providing your comrades with a truly enjoyable viewing experience. 

Have fun this football season and enjoy splurging on some great upgrades for your home theater, no matter how big or small!