We just aren’t sure if everyone realizes what a big deal it is that Google’s innovation and Nest’s products have finally combined to create Google Nest. So to drive home the point, we are taking a deeper dive into the Google Nest Home Max (and why you should be so excited).

* Photo credit: Google Store

Google Nest Home Max

The first product release date for Google Nest is official! The Nest Hub Max will be available beginning on September 9th. The world was notified of the release date when the product announcement was originally made at Google I/O this past May. Google seemingly mistakenly added the actual release date to the product description on the Google Store. The date was almost immediately removed but ultimately, Google confirmed the date was real.

Are you thinking, “Oh great. Another smart home hub. What’s the big deal?”

Here’s why the Google Nest Home Max is a big deal. First of all, the original Google Hub was already an excellent product and extremely well received. So, take that product and then add in the features listed below, and you’ll begin to understand what the big deal is.

  • A 10-inch touch screen
  • Built-in Nest Camera with motion sensor
  • Louder speakers
  • Face recognition
  • Gesture recognition (It can recognize certain gestures and respond with tasks like playing music)
  • A competitive price of $229

Simply put, not only is the Google Next Home Max geared up to be the best smart home hub on the market at a reasonable price point, but it offers all of the seamless integration with the multitude of Nest smart home products.  None of the other smart home hubs have the near the number of product integrations that you will find with Google Nest. 

If reading more about the Google Nest Hub Max doesn’t tempt you, it may be that you aren’t that into home automation. In which case, it’s ok; we are here for you and whatever media room, smart home, networking, and A/V needs you have.