The big game is just around the corner, and for us that means, TV TIME! Did you know that more Americans buy televisions this time of year than any other? Even more than during Black Friday. That’s right, Americans love beer, pizza, wings and FOOTBALL. If you are gearing up for the ultimate party for the big game, you need to make sure your television is the star of the show.

Unfortunately, just like pizzas, not all televisions are created the same, and not all of us have champagne budgets. You might be wondering what the top three televisions are at the low, mid and high range tiers? Well, we’ve got out picks outlined for you below.

Top 3 TVS for watching football

Top 3 TVs for Watching Football

LG UK7700 – Value Budget

The LG UK7700 comes with an IPS panel, making it a great low-budget option for those of you who enjoy having folks over to watch the big game. The IPS panel allows the picture quality to be retained from varying distances and angles from the television set.

The downside is that because it has an IPS panel, the contrast ratio is very low. Meaning, that it does not view well in dark rooms.

Sony X900F – Moderate Budget

It you have a little more cash in your wallet, the Sony X900F would be a great step up from the LG UK7700. It has an incredibly low pixel response time, which equates to smooth action with no visible trail motion. The Sony X900F also has great viewing in bright rooms, meaning its brights are brighter!

The only downside is that it does not have an IPS panel but a VA panel, which is only a problem if you enjoy having a large crowd over to watch big games. If you prefer to fly solo, this is really the best option in the mid-range price point.

LG OLED B8P – High-end Budget

If you want great viewing angles that don’t compromise superb picture quality, this is the television to choose. Among tech reviewers, the LG OLED B8P is consistently referred to as the absolute best television for watching sports.

The only arguable downside from the experts is that it does not rate among the highest when it comes to viewing in bright rooms.

Regardless of your budget, there are excellent options out there for you to find the best TV for your needs at the best possible price point. Happy viewing!