Most people dread the thought of day-to-day household cleaning chores. But there is just something about ushering in the warmer weather that has us excited to talk about cleaning! Mainly because it is finally time to dust off our outdoor home theater systems and start grilling up some great parties. Understanding how to clean the precious gadgets that make-up your home theater requires some additional knowledge and finesse. All of which you’ll find right here in this article as we walk you through the three areas of focus when it comes to spring cleaning your outdoor theater system.

How to Spring Clean your Outdoor Home Theater Equipment

Cleaning Your Outdoor Projector

Tools: Soft lint-free Cloth, lens cleaner, mild detergent

We strongly suggest storing your projector indoors for the winter for obvious reasons. It is also good practice to clean your projector every three months. Adding your projector to your spring cleaning list is a great way to start the habit! Use a lens cleaner and lint-free cloth to wipe down the lens. Be sure to wipe in one direction and not in circles or a back and forth motion and NEVER touch the lens with your finger.

The ventilation grilles on a projector can collect a lot of dust. Wiping the vents with a lint-free cloth every 3 months should help avoid excess build-up. If you feel that the cloth alone isn’t cutting it, you can dampen the cloth with some mild detergent to remove the build-up and finish by wiping again with a separate dry cloth.

No matter whether you store your projector inside or outside during the winter months, the projector’s mount likely needs to be cleaned as well. Once again, use a mild detergent and water to remove dirt and grime then dry the surface with your trusty lint-free cloth.

Your Outdoor Screens

Tools: Lint-Free Cloth, spray bottle

Let’s start with a disclaimer on this one. Screens don’t just come in a variety of sizes; they are also made in a variety of materials. So, properly cleaning your screen will depend on the brand of screen you own. Always check with the manufacturer for cleaning best practices before taking any online advice. That being said, cleaning the screen is typically very easy and involves wiping down the screen with a dry cloth and then lightly spraying some warm water as needed to clean off excess dirt. Then, wipe it down dry.

Cleaning Your Outdoor Speaker System

Tools: Soft bristle brush, lint-free cloth

First tip for cleaning your speaker system is a “what not to do”. Never use any type of cleaning agent to clean your speakers. This even includes vinegar or salt water. It’s even dangerous to use water on a system as you risk damaging the speakers if the water were to reach the far interior of the device.

Start by very gently removing the grille of the speaker, try to pull the cover straight off and away from the speaker. Use your lint-free cloth to begin removing dust. For small, hard to reach areas you will want to use a small soft-bristle. No need to invest a lot on the brush; a simple and small paintbrush will work perfectly.

Other Outdoor Home Theater Cleaning Tips

If you have an outdoor home theater system, you may as well invest in a small vacuum cleaner intended for cleaning electronics such as speakers and projector vents.

Don’t forget the circulatory system of your home theater: cords and cables! It’s easy to overlook cleaning your trusted friend, the HDMI cord, but dust can weasel its way into the tiniest of spaces. Wipe cords down with a dry – you guessed it – lint-free cloth. Never allows cords or cables to get wet. And while you’re at it, you may as well spend 5 minutes to get all of your cords organized.

Always…….ALWAYS check with the brand manufacturer before attempting to clean any of your equipment. You’ve invested a lot of money and thought into your beautiful space, don’t ruin it with improper care.

Finally, when in doubt, use a lint-free cloth.