Control4 Smart GarageHave you noticed that calling something “smart” has taken on a whole new meaning? Historically we’ve reserved that word to reference individuals with high levels of intelligence or perhaps a sweater vest with a certain sophistication. Today however, we call a lot of things smart. Like phones, TVs, lights, thermostats, sounds systems and garage doors.

Yep, you read that right, even garage doors have gotten smarter.

Control4 Smart Garage Tech

As an authorized Control4 dealer, we have the privilege of watching the possibilities of home automation grow firsthand. Recently one of our favorite features has become the Smart Garage Package that can be installed on new or existing garage doors. You may not be a tech junkie or a whole home automation advocate, but we believe everyone can understand these 5 benefits of having a garage door with a high IQ.

Time-Based Open/Close Settings

Are you guilty of routinely forgetting to close the garage door when you leave for work in the morning? The Control4 Smart Garage Package can be pre-programmed to open or close at specific times of the day. If you routinely leave for work at 7:30am, program the door to close at 7:35am and arrive to work knowing that your garage and home are secured.

Home Integration

Program other smart systems in your house to adjust based on the open/close status of your garage door. A popular example is to program your garage lights to automatically turn-on when the garage door opens.

4Sight Remote Access

Keep your home in your hands regardless of where you are in the country or around the globe with 4Sight on your phone. Not only can you open or close your garage through your phone from anywhere in the world, but you will also receive notifications about any activity taking place at your house while you are away.

Mini Remote Control

This mini-remote control is more than meets the eye. Through this remote, drivers can turn on and off lights, open gates, and activate HVAC systems before they even enter the home. There is even a “panic” option on the remote that can sounds alarms and call for help if the driver is in distress.

Ease of Installation

Believe it or not, this system can be installed in 30 minutes or less with minimal wiring. Everything needed to install the system comes in 1 small box and has exactly what you will need to get the job done.

Every homeowner wants to do what they can to ensure their home, belongings and loved ones are protected. We believe that home automation features like the ones offered by the Smart Garage Package from Control4 are the best level of protection available today. Why hesitate when the peace-of-mind you’ve been looking for can be installed in 30 minutes or less? Call us today to get started.

*Photo credit Control4