Smart TVs for your Charlotte NC HomeSmart TVs made their debut with most major TV brands 6-8 years ago. At the time, their “smarts” weren’t really that impressive. Fortunately, Smart TVs have become (truly) smarter with age, and we are finally beginning to see the technology as a useful tool to add to your smart home arsenal.

What makes a Smart TV smart?

Smart TVs can connect to your home’s internet, either by ethernet or through WiFi. Once connected, the television is pre-programmed with apps like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and others. These pre-programmed apps eliminate the need for a streaming device such as a Roku box or Google Chromecast, essentially removing the middle man and therefore creating a quicker streaming service.

How do I choose a Smart TV?

As with any technology purchase, you should do your research because not all Smart TVs are created equal. In fact, every major Smart TV brand (LG, Sony, Samsung, Element, etc.) has their own operating system. Some systems are known for their ease of use while others are known for their speed. Some operating systems include things like voice recognition, gesture recognition, Skype capabilities and casual games.

How much more expensive are Smart TVs?

We are happy to report that currently the price difference between Smart TVs and regular TVs is only a few hundred dollars. That difference will quickly be obsolete altogether as major brands begin including Smart capabilities on all the television models, making Smart TVs the new standard.  

Keep in mind also that if you are in the market for a new television and picture quality is important to you, most likely the television you choose will have Smart capabilities. Since better picture quality increases price and most, if not all, premium televisions have Smart capabilities.

What else do I need to know about Smart TVs?

If you currently own a Smart TV from more than 3 years ago and are unimpressed, we promise you things have changed. The technology is better and these days, having a Smart TV truly does relieve the hassle of having to switch between multiple streaming devices. The operating systems are only getting faster and faster, providing a better viewing experience than the set-top boxes and streaming sticks.

The next time you are in the market for a new television, do your research on the major brands and see what their Smart TVs can offer you. It’s true that Smart TVs aren’t necessary to watch television, but we believe they provide a better all-around experience.

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