Pre-Construction Wiring for Charlotte Smart HomeIf you are building a home or doing a major remodel, do yourself a favor and spend some dedicated time planning your home’s wiring. Too many folks make the mistake of leaving the wiring plans to the builders, and in turn, they get a standard home wiring setup.

Unfortunately, what is standard today will likely be inefficient 5 years from today, and may not even be ideal for your current needs given all the smart and connected devices and appliances we all own.

As technology evolves, so does your home wiring needs. So plan for the future, today by thinking BIG.

Pre-Construction Wiring for your Future Smart Home

When planning for your future home’s wiring, these are 2 important wiring terms to know.

Cable Conduits: You will want to ask your contractor to install cable conduit anywhere in the house where you will or may eventually install speakers, TVs, or computers. Even if your plan for a home theater or home office is long-term or might never happen, it is easier and much more cost effective to install wiring wherever you think you might need it before there is drywall.

Junction Boxes: Junction boxes are an integral part of any home’s wiring setup. Essentially, they serve as connection points for wires carrying electrical currents. Two things you want to request from your contractor are extra junction boxes and deeper junction boxes capable of accommodating additional wiring.

Since you are in the pre-construction phase of your new home, this is the perfect time to add a small closet into your floor plan where you can easily locate your electrical panels. It is possible that your contractor may look at you like you are crazy, but if they do, rest-assured it’s only because your contractor hasn’t planned for your home’s technological, smart future.

Wiring closets are typically found in institutions such as schools or business suites but we guarantee it is an addition to your floor plan that you won’t regret. Make sure the closet is centrally located within the home and includes extra cable conduits for wiring expansions.

You may not have plans to immediately establish a home automation system, smart home or a whole house audio system, but chances are that someday you will. So, plan for it now while adding additional wiring, conduits and junction boxes is easy. Adding these electrical components after drywall is up can costs thousands of dollars. So, in this stage of home ownership, more is MORE!

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