Ring Floodlight Motion-Activated CameraWe’ve all been there. Standing in the kitchen, cleaning up the dishes from dinner before heading off to bed when it happens. Your motion detection floodlight turns on outside. You know something is outside your home moving around but you have no idea what, or who. What’s your next step? Go outside with a bat? Hide under your bed? Call the police?

Luckily you no longer need to wonder what is outside your home, thanks to the new Ring Floodlight Motion Camera. As soon as the motion detection on the Ring Camera is tripped, an alert is sent to your phone. From your phone, you can watch a 1080p video of exactly what is happening outside. Whether it is a raccoon going through your garbage, a friendly neighbor or someone up to no good, you will be able to see them with great clarity.

If the worst-case scenario occurs and you open the live stream video to see a trespasser on your property, you have options. You can blare a 110-decibel siren, flash the floodlights at them or speak to them directly over the 2-way intercom. The glory of it all is not only do you no longer need to worry about grabbing your bat to scare unwanted visitors away, but you don’t even need to be home.

You can scare away intruders, alert your neighbors and record the whole scene from anywhere in the world with one simple and smart floodlight.

If the security features alone of the Ring Floodlight Motion Camera do not have you impressed, there is more to this floodlight than meets the eye.

Ring Floodlight Motion Camera Features

  • 3k Lumen LED Floodlights
  • 270-Degree Field-of-View
  • Facial Recognition
  • 110-Decibel Siren
  • 2-Way Audio
  • Night Vision

The Ring Floodlight Motion Camera can be easily self-installed into your existing floodlight wiring. It is controlled via Wi-Fi with any iPhone or Android-based smartphone. If you’re tired of wondering what is moving around outside your home, this floodlight is for you.

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*Photo credit Ring