Triad Garden Array SpeakersIf you’re keeping up with home technology news, it’s safe to say that you’ve heard talk about smart homes and that you’ve also heard talk about outdoor home entertainment. Both are thriving industries that continue to grow, and develop technology and new integrations at rapid-fire pace. Perhaps the most pivotal integration between the two industries is the recent announcement that Control4 will now offer the new Triad Garden Array Outdoor Speakers as part of their custom, easy-to-use, smart home technology.

Triad Garden Array Speakers by Control4

The Garden Array speakers include a 4.5-inch ultra-broad dispersion (UBD), an exclusive design to Triad and incredibly rare in landscape speakers. Dispersion refers to the quality of sound throughout the given space, narrow dispersion being bad and broad dispersion being preferred. The broader a speaker’s dispersion, the better the sound quality for each person regardless of where they may be seated in relation to the speaker. Said another way, narrow dispersion often results in “dead spots” or areas where the sound is either poor or inaudible.

Enough with all the technical lingo. What does an exclusive UBD speaker system mean for your backyard entertainment? It means clear and precise sound quality that is consistent while you move throughout the space 

  • The Garden Array system is scalable to meet the needs of your unique space, no matter if you have a small patio space that requires a single speaker or an area that can accommodate large numbers of guests. Your speaker system will be customized to fit your space by ensuring the speakers you receive are the speakers you need, no more, no less.
  • Your speaker system will be staked into your lawn, mounted on trees or installed on your deck as needed. Flexibility is key when delivering high quality sound to a variety of spaces.
  • Triad builds the systems with simple installations in mind, using standard or “off the shelf” landscape products. The Garden Array system is compatible with 80hm, 70-volt and 100-volt systems.

If you are unfamiliar with Triad, get to know them. You will quickly discover their passion for perfection when it comes to audio solutions. Triad speakers are all designed and manufactured by Triad to ensure excellence in all aspects of their speaker systems. Take their high-quality audio solutions and combine them with the simple yet versatile Control4 smart hub, and you have an outdoor entertaining space that is easy to enjoy.

*Image credit Triad Speakers