It is no secret that most Americans choose to relax in front of the TV. Television and movies are a huge industry for one reason: people are watching. With so many people vegging out with their favorite Netflix series or sports game, it is not shocking that home theater trends are exploding.

Exploding right through the walls, that is, as we see more and more customers looking to move their home theater to their backyard.

Before you can even get started planning an outdoor theater, there are a few things essentials to have in place.

Setting Up an Outdoor Theater at your Home

Do you have adequate space to accommodate seating and setup?

  • There is no hard and fast rule regarding how much space you need as it depends on how you are going to use the space and how often you hold large gatherings. Meaning, do you throw parties for 15-20 people or is it usually just your immediate family?

Is there a relatively sheltered area?

  • Of course it’s an outdoor theater; we expect weather to come into the area.  However, you want to consider this so you can get the most out of your investment. If the area isn’t somewhat sheltered or covered, the summer sun could impact your viewing abilities for part of the day. Plus, without some shelter, a small wind will feel like a hurricane while you’re trying to hear what you are watching.

Are there sturdy structures that can handle the weight of large speakers or screens?

  • A lot of us may not have sturdy structures in our backyards. This is of course something that can be built but if you’re working on a tight budget and don’t want an unexpected expense, it’s something to consider.

Is it electric?

  • No really, is there access to electric? A power supply can be routed to the area by an electrician but it will add to your costs.

The final component is this: what kind of neighbors do you have? Maybe you’re friends with your neighbors or maybe your neighbor thinks you let your dog run loose in their yard. If the area you are considering is in very close proximity to your neighbor’s house, you may want to think this investment through. Or at the very least, invite them over for a movie night!