SunBriteTV Outdoor TVsWhen the weather is nice, everyone wants to be outdoors; whether splashing by the pool, enjoying s’mores by the fire, or cocktails under the stars with friends. Outdoor entertaining is a hot trend, and in recent years, has become more and more of a possibility for the average homeowner. One of the hottest trends in outdoor entertaining, helping to bring all the comforts of the indoors, outside, is outdoor lighting.

Why Outdoor Lighting?

Ask any restaurant owner or event planner and they will tell you that the right lighting can work wonders for any space or event. If you are planning an outdoor entertainment space, the significance of the lighting becomes even more obvious. You want to make sure that your lighting can be controlled and adjusted to suit all levels of natural light. This is where having a central hub to control all of your outdoor lighting becomes essential. Imagine as the sun begins to set, and you want to up the lighting levels, walking around the space adjusting each light individually. Not ideal when you are trying to be an engaged host. Luckily, smart hubs are becoming more common and there are a variety of options to choose from in the market today.

A concern among many interior/outdoor designers when it comes to outdoor lighting is the aesthetics associated with the light fixtures. Fortunately, within the last few years, more and more options have surfaced for aesthetically pleasing outdoor light fixtures. Outdoor fixtures now have natural finishes in a variety of colors that blend into the space’s surroundings. Options vary from neutral stone finishes to blend in with the stone of the outdoor space to fixtures that can hide discretely in the plants and greenery surrounding the space. If your budget can accommodate it and the space design calls for it, you can even have custom fixtures made that match the color of your home’s exterior color.

LED lights have become the most widely used option for outdoor lighting schemes for many reasons. To start with, they use very little energy to run and are a great, cost efficient option for homeowners. They also offer a variety of color options. Solar power is also a strong, trendy option for outdoor lighting. Why not choose an option that is low to no cost and essentially recharges itself? This is a wonderful, eco-friendly option that is a huge hit in outdoor design.

An important aspect of outdoor lighting that we do not want to overlook is the safety/security of your lighting design. A basic concept for outdoor safety is to make sure all walkways and stairways are well lit (e.g. home to pool, home to seating, etc.). If you are planning outdoor lighting, it’s a no brainer to include some security features such as motion sensor flood lights; probably the most practical of all the outdoor lighting trends.

We enjoy our outdoor projects as much as those indoors. Have questions about lighting your outdoor entertaining space? Contact us!