With summer just around the corner, it is only fitting that we included a piece on Smart Outdoor Entertaining. A rising trend among homebuyers is an interest in functional outdoor spaces. In other words, they want to use their backyard for more than just a play set and place for the Fido to relieve himself. What do homeowners have in mind? Outdoor kitchen spaces, weatherproof televisions and speaker systems. Today’s consumers don’t just want these spaces to function, they want them to be high-tech and integrated with the rest of their home.

Most of us want to get outside and enjoy the warm weather as much as possible while it’s possible. These days it’s easy to create an outdoor patio space to comfortably entertain a group of friends. Outdoor kitchens eliminate the hustle in and out of the house which takes time away time spent with your guests. Having a fully-functional outdoor kitchen also allows you to wow your barbecue patrons with a bit more than a burger from the grill. They are also very easy to integrate with your home’s main Smart Hub; its capabilities and integration would mirror that of an indoor kitchen. Don’t have the cash for a fully-functioning outdoor kitchen? Not to worry, you can more affordably install a small refrigerated bar area to keep your guests hydrated.

Summer weather can come in extreme temperatures. You can be melting under the heat of the sun one moment only to have goosebumps shortly after nightfall. Installing fans and infrared heaters is a no-brainer when creating an outdoor entertainment space. More and more fans and heaters can be controlled through your smartphone and some even through your home’s smart hub.

You want to have a group of friends over to watch a game? Take it outside! Brands like SunBrite and SkyVue make weatherproof televisions in a variety of sizes and capabilities.  Sync your weatherproof television to some weatherproof speakers to create the perfect viewing event for your fellow fans. Another option that has been on the rise is outdoor projectors, for those looking for a larger than life visual experience this is a fun and affordable option. Most of these technologies are easily controlled through apps on your phone, just as many of your indoor audio visual capabilities can be.

What’s the most important piece to throwing a party? Some would argue lighting. We can only assume that your party will be so grand that your guests will want to stay late. Make sure your outdoor lighting doesn’t disappoint. Creating a well-lit outdoor entertaining area creates a lavish atmosphere. Brands like Playbulb and GE offer outdoor lighting options that can sync with home automation and can change color when prompted.  

One more fun outdoor gadget we thought we would mention for its functionality and its decorative properties are EcoSmart fireplaces. When the nights get a little chilly and you are craving a good old fashioned s’more, you can power on your EcoSmart fireplace and add warmth, light and a wonderful ambiance to your outdoor space. The fireplace is bioethanol-fed and are smokeless (how can you argue with that?).  

There are seemingly limitless possibilities for your outdoor living space.  The technology is available; it’s up to you to start creating your dream space. Let us know if we can help!