Smart HVAC System: Why You'll Want One for Your HomeWelcome to our 3rd post in our Smart Home series. Today’s topic perhaps has the broadest scope of positive impacts on consumers. Smart HVAC systems can save consumers money, create levels of custom comfort, and help lower consumers’ carbon footprint. It seems that there is no way to lose by choosing a smart HVAC system. Let’s take a look at some of the top trends and capabilities in HVAC systems.

Smart HVAC Systems

Let’s start with the capabilities of smart thermostats. What makes smart thermostats so smart is that they can learn at impressive rates and we don’t mean encyclopedia facts. Smart thermostats can learn your family’s schedules, preferences and overall trends all within a week of being installed. The smart thermostats can even sense when you’ve left the house and can automatically adjust itself accordingly. Most of the smart thermostats available today also have apps that allow you the ability to manage your heating and cooling systems from anywhere. So if you are arriving home earlier from work than normal, you can have the system kick on when you’re headed home.

Perhaps the most exciting reason to install a smart thermostat is the estimated $172/year savings you will see on your utility bills. Even better than that is the lowered amount of consumption and energy efficiency; doing a great service to our environment. Most of us have some knowledge of the Nest thermostat but with smart trends on the rise, there are more name brands competing in this market such as the Honeywell, Lyric, Round and Ecobee3; all excellent contenders and worth looking into if you’re in the market.

Have you ever looked at one of the heating/cooling vents in your house and thought, “You could be so much smarter?” Well, you were right! Keen Smart Vent has developed smart vents that replace your original vents and intelligently open or close to reduce hot or cold spots in your home. Keen vents will replace only 1/3 of your original vents and can be positioned to direct the flow of air to specific areas in your home (e.g. to your office versus the hallway).

When you see a bulky window air conditioner poking out of your neighbor’s window, probably the last thing you think about is the unit’s efficiency. But you may be surprised and happy to know Aros has developed a smart in-window unit that also learns your trends and preferences and runs the system accordingly. The Aros Smart window system works in conjunction with an app and can track your phone through GPS to know when you are getting closer to home, which will prompt the unit to turn on so you don’t walk into a sweltering hot zone.

If you are an allergy sufferer, you’ve probably thought a lot about the air quality in your home. The good news is that there are smart devices that can connect to your HVAC system and monitor the air for VOCs (volatile organic compounds) such as carbon dioxide, mold, and other pollutants. They can even tell you if you need to replace your air filter, turn on the humidifier, or if you need better ventilation. Some products can even work in conjunction with an air purifier, prompting it to kick on when necessary. Check out the Breezi from BreeziHome if you are interested in these kinds of capabilities.

Throughout 2017, we will continue to see new innovations in smart home systems, including HVACs. With all of the possibilities, capabilities, and benefits of HVAC automation, we can’t see a reason why you shouldn’t join this trend.

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*Photo credit Honeywell