For consumers who made a New Year Resolution to have more fun, a home theater system is a great way to check another resolution off the list. Or it could just be a good excuse to start a little home improvement project.

If you’re in the market to create for a new home theater or dedicated media room space in your home, we have three recommendations for setups that will be on-trend in 2017, and beyond!

Home Theater Must Haves 2017

3 Home Theater “Must Haves” in 2017

Multiple Screens

You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood during March Madness with the first home theater trend. Taking inspiration from your local sports bar, imagine having your own space with dual and multiple screen setups – including flat screen panel TVs on the same wall for standard television viewing – and a larger front-projection screen for movies or the biggest game. Another home theater room option is to include smaller screens in various areas of the room, especially combined with comfortable seating to help increase your enjoyment of what you are watching. Whether you’re hosting a party or spending time with your family – while you’re all watching different shows, naturally – having multiple screens can create a great party room.

Social Viewing

Watching programming with your closest friends is great, but what if you could watch it with millions more? One of the latest trends for home theaters is to include real-time posts from social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook as feeds on a separate screen, allowing consumers to follow commentary and scores from others while they watch a live awards ceremony, sporting event, or television show. Home theater installers create this environment with smart TVs and tablets accompanying larger flat screens. Another benefit to this trend? Smaller smart TVs and tablets can be used to stream music or play games when they aren’t being used to tweet.

Multi-purpose Room

Home theaters and media rooms are excellent investments, but for space-limited homes, it might not be prudent to reserve an entire room to watching movies. Enter the multi-purpose room; a hybrid home theater and entertainment room that can be used for almost anything. These rooms tend to be designed more like a living room, with lighter color decor, comfortable chaise lounges, and maybe even a bean bag chair or two. The digital components, however, are installed to the exacting standards of a typical home theater space. With a multi-purpose room, you have the best of both worlds.

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