As the years fly by, technology changes — most often, for the better. We are counting down the coolest trends of the year and what to expect in home theater entertainment & home automation in 2017.

A decade ago, no new home build was complete without structured wiring. New homeowners could step into their brand new abode with a whole-house network of audio and video signals, all distributed equally throughout the home — making comforts like home security, home theater, and whole-home audio a move-in ready reality.

Benefits of Structured Wiring in your Home

In 2008, the nationwide housing market took a dip. Fewer new homes were going up, and builders nixed structured wiring to save on expenses. Besides, in 2008, we began making the shift towards wanting to live in a fully wireless future.

Today, structured wiring is making a comeback through new home builds and remodeling efforts. Wireless is still a darling of smart home innovation, but wires are trending again, thanks to new HD audio and 4K entertainment options that require Ethernet for the best streaming quality.

The number of current Wi-Fi-enabled & high-tech devices that you and your family own continues to increase. (Did you know you can buy refrigerators that connect via Wi-Fi to your home’s network?And the more tech devices in your home that require the use of your network – structured or wireless –  the more important a strong network foundation becomes.

Prewriting your next home or investing in a remodel that includes structured wiring, has many benefits, including higher resale value and better aesthetics. Structured wiring can help ensure the safety of your family through the use of home security features and wired alarm systems, and can help your home remain a gathering place for the best entertainment, indoors and outside, with a combination of wired and Wi-Fi systems.

Wires may seem like a thing of the past, but tech experts know that having a few strings attached means better quality entertainment for decades to come. If you have any questions about your home’s existing wiring or wireless network, please contact us.