You’ve already designed a lavish home theater that could rival any of the theater chains in the country. You’ve decked it out with a speaker system carefully installed to provide exceptional sound to every spot in the room. You have a TV set with impressive color and depth, and all the latest entertainment at your fingertips thanks to your Apple TV or Roku.

You have popped your popcorn, and lowered your lights….but now you can’t find your darn remote to start the streaming magic.

Does this scenario sounds familiar to you? If it does, know that you are not alone.

Engineer Brett Epstein was so frustrated with this same chronic remote control loss that he invented a slick gadget to combine a set-top box and streaming service remotes with TV remotes, saving you and him time and annoyance.

Introducing: the Sideclick.

Sideclick Universal Remote Attachment for Streaming

Sideclick Universal Remote Attachment for Streaming

The IR-based (infrared) Sideclick attaches to small remotes for your Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV and Google Nexus Player for easy streaming. The gadget has eight programmable buttons, to which consumers can program any television function, including power, volume, and channel. The Sideclick pairs with your existing remote with only a few clicks, and is connected by a single IR blaster and clips that fit various devices.

Although a universal remote control can also combine devices, the Sideclick is simpler and less expensive. Additionally, the Sideclick lets you keep the device-specific features you love, like voice activation and control, which you may otherwise lose if you were to convert to a universal remote control instead.

If you’re tired of searching for the perfect, elusive streaming remote, the Sideclick is an affordable option at $30.

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