3 Outdoor TVs for Under $3000For millions of Americans, September means football. Consumers spend thousands of dollars on high-definition setups to watch their favorite team, complete with comfortable recliners and powerful surround sound — the only thing missing from a living room sports setup is the cool fall breeze and ambiance of the stadium.

As it turns out, bringing your football viewing experience outside is easier than ever, thanks to advances in outdoor television technology. With weather-resistant casing, picture quality engineered to stand up to the elements, and a variety of sizes and price points, an outdoor viewing experience is well within reach. Here are a few of our favorites.


The Las Vegas-based company has aligned itself as one of the premier custom-designers of specialty outdoor TVs, and is one of the only brands to carry all-weather 4K Ultra HDTV models. MirageVision sets range from less than $800 for the entry-level Silver series (designed for non-direct sun placement), to the top-end Diamond E Series, which includes the 85-inch screen set. Each series has different specs — the Silver Series includes Full HD 1080p LED LCD panels, but the Diamond Series also includes smart TV features — so there’s something for every budget.


The SKYVUE company has a variety of residential and commercial outdoor television sets, but one of the best in the line that’s less than $3000 is the SKYVUE NXG DS-1000 NIT. The company boasts that the screen, visible in direct sunlight, is 2 times brighter than the competition, and includes 1080p HDTV, built-in Roku system, outdoor speaker bar, build-in heater system, anti-glare UV coated screen, and a waterproof remote control.

Sunbrite 32” Outdoor Signature Series

One of our favorite outdoor sets is the Sunbrite signature series. The SB-3270HD is one of the more affordable sets in the line, and features a 31.5-inch LED, 1080p resolution, and complete weatherproofing, from the remote control to the aluminum-enclosed connectivity ports.

Home theater experts, like the staff here at Home Theater Solutions, can help you design an outdoor space that will suit the most discerning football fan. We’ll help you find the right outdoor television set, you provide the wings and dip.

*Photo credit: SKYVUE