SunBriteTV Outdoor TVsBuried subwoofers, speakers that look like rocks and planters, and Wi-Fi enabled speaker systems have been working together to create an aesthetically-pleasing entertainment oases in homes around the country. The only thing missing? A television that stands up to the glare of the sun — but thanks to SunBriteTV, your outdoor home theater can be complete.

SunBrite has revolutionized the way we watch television outdoors. In its 10-year history, the company has created top-of-the-line LED sets that stand up to the elements. SunBriteTV products are perfect for outdoor sitting areas, patios, gazebos, or pools, and will introduce another level of entertainment. The benefits of these sets are twofold: SunBrite TVs are engineered to have a brighter, crisper picture, even when in direct sunlight, and are sealed with a specially designed powder-coated aluminum exterior and gasketing.

Consumers can rest assured that these sets are designed specifically for the outdoors, and come with a stellar product safety record. The high-gloss finish enhances color, and SunBrite has engineered a watertight cable compartment that protects cable connections — the most vulnerable part of a television set.

SunBriteTV Specs

The SunBriteTV Signature Series is the thinnest, lightest consumer model in the company’s history, and boasts some impressive specs:

  • 1080p and 4K UHD screens with LED
  • Slim (3.5″) screen designed to fit almost anywhere
  • Heat dispersion system that keeps the unit cool in temperatures up to 122 degrees F.
  • Weatherproof speakers and remote control
  • Remote control lock-out to prevent unauthorized viewers from changing the channel
  • Two year parts and labor warranty included, with an in-home warranty service

The SunBriteTV Signature Series is available in 32″, 46″, 55″, and 65″ sizes, and is available through authorized retailers like Home Theater Solutions!

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*Photo credit: SunBriteTV