MX-990 Universal RemoteAs the Internet of Things begins to widen, houses get smarter, and gadgets become more powerful, many consumers may think back to the simpler days of tech when you had to get off the couch to turn the dial. “Why can’t entertainment be simpler?“, they may ask.

If you’re one of the thousands who believe one button is better than 100, you’ll love Universal Remote Control (URC)’s new MX-990 remote, which condenses almost any type of home entertainment system or home theater system into one easy-to-use remote control.

According to URC, the MX-990 is the most advanced remote in their system, thanks to improved customizable programming features, enhanced graphics, and enhanced frequency. With this product, consumers can enjoy several new and personalized features:

  • Color 2.4″ LCD screen with freeform graphics feature
  • One-button access for programmable actions
  • Radio frequency range up to 100 ft.
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery

Automation is the name of the game with the MX-990. The device can be paired with almost any “smart” element of your home, from lighting to home theater. An installation specialist can help you program the most common activities at the push of a button — from one element (like turning on the television) to a combination of activities (like dimming the lights, drawing the shades, and turning on a movie.)

The MX-990 works with the bulletproof Narrow-Band RF, part of an optional base station that gives control without the need for line-of-sight control. Consumers can move freely around their home and operate entertainment devices and more through walls, as well as hide unsightly wires and cords.

With MX-990’s freeform graphics feature, your installation specialist can create custom graphics, sounds, personalized layouts, and individual themes suited to your family and personal use. The graphics are stored directly on the remote and uploaded to a PC for archival purposes.

A simple way to control all the complex gadgets in your life is finally here. The MX-990 is available through our certified URC installers. Give us a call at (704) 450-4401 to find out how to make your home theater control simpler.

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