ULTRA 4K HD Movie Streaming ServiceSince its introduction to the consumer population, 4K Ultra HD technology has been waiting for its big break into the mainstream. Previously, 4K Ultra HD media was difficult to find and available in only a few select movies and television shows. This month, Sony has upped the ante and is going all-in with ULTRA, the new 4K Ultra HD movie streaming service, which launched April 4th.

ULTRA – 4K HD Streaming by Sony

With 4K Ultra HD, consumers will get four times the resolution of traditional HDTV, as well as a wider range of color and contrast. The result? A screen that is almost more real than real life.

ULTRA takes advantage of the latest industry innovations – 4K resolution, high dynamic range, a wider color spectrum, digital movie extras, and UltraViolet interoperability – so viewers get the most out of their televisions and their movie collections,” Jake Winett VP, Consumer Services & Advanced Platforms at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, said in a press release from Sony.

ULTRA is powered by Sony Pictures Store, and will offer movies for purchase and for playback in the 4K Ultra HD format. The system will include older titles like “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, as well as new releases like “Concussion”. Movies can be purchased through ULTRA for $30. Sony Pictures Store customers can also receive discounted-price upgrades to select HD movies.

The decision to launch ULTRA now was based on increased numbers of consumers upgrading their entertainment systems to 4K, which brought with it more demand for 4K content.

Consumers are rapidly upgrading their living rooms to 4K, and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s new ULTRA streaming service will provide a premium viewing experience to satisfy growing demand for 4K movies and television shows,” said Winett.

If you’re ready an upgrade, we’d love to talk to you more about Sony’s line of 4K Ultra HD TVs, and help you install the perfect home theater system for your living room.

*Photo credit: Sony Pictures Store