AcoustaScape Outdoor Landscape Audio SystemAfter a long, cold winter, it only takes a handful of warm days before homeowners’ thoughts begin turning to the great outdoors. Spring is here; it’s time to clean off your patio furniture, hit the nursery for colorful new annuals, and prepare your patio for outdoor living, including upgrading or replacing your outdoor sound system.

When you want a sound system that has form and function— and won’t distract from your beautiful garden or stunning water feature — one of the best outdoor sound systems on the market is the AcoustaScape by Origin Acoustics. This Hi-Fi landscape system blends in with natural landscaping, turning backyards with any type of terrain or climate into a musical paradise.

The main component of the AcoustaScape system has four 4″ speakers and an 8″ subwoofer. With an organic, curved shape, the plantable 4″ speakers provide hidden state-of-the-art sound… while remaining hidden! These speakers include rugged, rust-proof ground stakes and are designed in an earth-toned color. The 8″ burial subwoofer is completely embedded underground except for a small, circular hood that provides bone-rattling deep bass that won’t bother the neighbors. Both components have all-weather enclosures to stand up to any type of climate, so you can enjoy beautiful music outdoors for years to come.

Besides being aesthetically pleasing and durable, one of the biggest benefits of the AcoustaScape Sound System is the ease of installation. The 4″ speaker stakes can be planted into a foundation of rock, grass, or soil, and the 8″ subwoofer has a small footprint, so it won’t take up landscape room. With this system, you won’t need a new receiver; AcoustaScape runs off any standard A/V receiver or stereo amplifier.

The AcoustaScape Sound System covers about 2,500 sq. ft. in high-resolution sound, but the system is also totally scalable to your outdoor environment. Additional 4″ speaker expansion packs are available to magnify your musical space.

The AcoustaScape Sound System is available from Home Theater Solutions.

*Photo credit AcoustaScape