TRC-820 RemoteRemember watching the Jetsons as a child or with your children, and dreaming enviously of a house that does it all? Today’s smart homes are closer to the future that was envisioned decades ago than ever before, and a new device from URC – the TRC-820 Programmable Wi-Fi Color Total Control Remote – is bringing consumers one-step closer to living life as their reality.

About the TRC-820 Remote

The new TRC-820 remote can control almost every element of your smart home from the palm of your hand. With 25 years of URC® design at its core, the TRC-820 remote outperforms other universal remotes with custom programmable buttons, an ergonomic design, and a high resolution LCD screen.

Consumers can access a full range of smart home systems through the TRC-820 remote, including:

  • watching cable TV favorites or a new Blu-ray movie
  • enjoying music from a connected speaker system
  • adjusting their home temperature
  • controlling shade with automated blinds
  • arming their security system.

The TRC-820 is highly customizable, with shortcuts for different users, and up to 256 customizable function labels.

One of the most leading-edge advances for the TRC-820 remote is the addition of a high resolution LCD screen. For consumers with security cameras, this feature can give you real-time access to connected devices around your home — which can come in handy when you get a knock at the door during your favorite show!

To get the most from the TRC-820 remote, URC offers a variety of smart home solutions that fit any budget, and scalable features that grow with you and your home improvement plans. Our certified URC installers can help you design the ideal system for your lifestyle, giving you the flexibility and ease that comes with controlling your home from the palm of your hand.

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