Sonos PLAY:5 Smart SpeakerSonos, the company who brought wireless multi-room music systems to the masses, is ready to raise the bar yet again. Music fans, it’s time to dust off your favorite albums and listen to them with more clarity and bass than ever before as the company launches its newest in the PLAY line: the PLAY:5 Smart Speaker.

The New Sonos PLAY:5 Smart Speaker

The existing Sonos Wi-Fi streaming system includes:

  • PLAY:1, a compact speaker with three digital amplifiers and two speakers;
  • PLAY:3, a larger device that features three digital amplifiers and three speakers;
  • PLAYBAR, a nine-speaker soundbar that can be used to bridge your arsenal of whole-home speakers or bring amazing surround sound to your television, web, movies, and video games;
  • and the SUB, an easy-to-install subwoofer that compliments the entire PLAY system.

The Sonos PLAY system is already one of the most intuitively-designed and affordable wireless music systems on the market, but with the addition of the larger, more advanced PLAY:5 Smart Speaker, Sonos is revolutionizing the surround-sound game.

Music lovers strive for a system that presents music like the musicians intended: clear, crisp, precise, and undistorted, and Sonos has made this possible with the PLAY:5 speaker. The device boasts 6 state-of-the-art digital amps, coupled with 6 individual speakers. Three built-in tweeters and three dedicated mid-woofers bring crisp high- and mid-range frequencies to your music.

The PLAY:5 has touch-sensitive surface and “knows” how it’s positioned – either standing straight up or lying down. Another great addition is TruePlay setup, a innovative system that “tunes” itself to the speaker environment. TruePlay uses an iPhone or iPad to measure how sound reflects off walls, furniture, or windows, and adjusts the speakers for optimal playback, no matter where the speaker is placed.  Before TruePlay, a speaker placed on a bookshelf paired with a speaker mounted on the wall meant oddly calibrated sound; After TruePlay, music fans can hear true-to-life music in any room.

Like the other speakers in the line, the PLAY:5 can be connected to other speakers in the system. The best part about the PLAY system is the versatility of the speaker design and setup. Consumers can start small and build their collection as they grow, or go big from the beginning by pairing two PLAY:5s into left and right channels for amazingly realistic surround-sound. The Sonos PLAY system lets buyers choose the speaker that’s the right size for any room – a PLAY:1 for the kids room and a PLAY:5 for kitchen, for example – with a system that’s scalable for most budgets.

The Sonos PLAY:5 will be available Winter 2016, and retail for $499. Will you be adding the new speaker to your Sonos system?

If you have any questions or need help in designing or scaling the perfect Sonos PLAY system for your home theater space, contact us.

*Photo credit Sonos