LG EF9500 Flat OLED 4K TVElectronics powerhouse LG has once again improved on television perfection. In early September, LG – one of the largest television manufacturers in the world – launched a new version of its OLED 4K television set. This new LG OLED 4K TV comes with a flat screen as well as a few new (and state-of-the-art) bells and whistles.

The LG EF9500 Flat OLED 4K TV adds another option for home theater connoisseurs, building on technology found in LG’s 2013 Curved OLED 4k TV release. Although curved screens offer an “IMAX-like” viewing experience in the comfort of your home, some consumers prefer the flat-screen version. LG listened to customer feedback and stepped up to the plate with a flat screen that offers OLED technology – self-lighting pixels within the set that switch on and off automatically, creating deep black and bright whites and colors.

Although the flat screen is a perk, the biggest news with the LG EF9500 OLED 4K TV is the addition of HDR, or high dynamic range, content support. HDR could be the next big thing in television technology, and adds more “steps” between the darkest black and the whitest white – truer-to-life brights, darks and colors, and amazingly realistic contrast and highlights. Want to feel like you’re watching a blazing sunset or gazing at the stars while you’re in your home theater? HDR can make it happen.

The LG EF9500 Flat OLED 4K TV will include the ability to stream HDR content and access it through connected devices – thanks to the HDMI 2.0a port, another new feature on the set. WebOS 2.0 means the LG EF9500 is a hassle-free smart TV; consumers can access broadcast TV, streaming services (including 4K options from Amazon, Netflix and YouTube), and external devices quickly and easily through Launch Bar menus.

The EF9500 Flat OLED 4K TV will be available in two sizes – 55-inches and 65-inches, and will retail from $5500 to $7000. LG Electronics will begin shipping the EF9500 flat OLED 4K TV in September.

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*Image credit LG