Origin Acoustics Seasons Landscape SubwooferWhen it comes to outdoor spaces, there are backyards and there are livable extensions of your home. Green grass, carefully manicured shrubbery, flowers in gorgeous colors, the relaxing rush of a water feature, and a comfortable place to sit – the only thing missing may be a symphony of sound seemingly coming from nowhere. Beauty is in the details, and outdoor speakers can provide a new level of attraction to your outdoor space.

Subwoofers are a key component to an outdoor sound system, providing sound you can feel. Deep bass frequencies are difficult to maintain outdoors due to a lack of defined space. The larger the space, the more challenging it becomes. One of our favorite brands, Origin Acoustics, offers three of the best outdoor subwoofers on the market – providing form as well as function.

The Origin Acoustics landscape subwoofers are part of the Seasons outdoor speakers line. These durable subwoofers have a frequency response of 39Hz – 100Hz and are 21.25” in depth. The Origin Acoustics Seasons landscape subwoofers comes in 8”, 10” and 12” woofer diameters, and have a polypropylene cone and heavy-duty polycomposite enclosure. Origin Acoustics Seasons landscape subwoofer is designed for in-ground installation, with seamless integration into other parts of the Origin Acoustics Seasons Landscape system, including on-wall satellites.

The sound from Origin Acoustics Seasons landscape subwoofers is impeccable, but the look sets this series apart. Because the subwoofers are buried underground (alone with unseemly wires and connections), they can be hidden in landscaping. The dark brown luster finish of the exposed tuned port is barely noticeable among your outdoor features, allowing you to add deep, thumping base to your outdoor area.

If you’re ready to take your outdoor living space to another level, contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about Origin Acoustics Seasons Landscape Subwoofer.

*Photo credit Origin Acoustics