HEOS HomeCinema SoundbarAre you ready to enhance the quality of sound coming through your thin television? HEOS HomeCinema could be the answer for you. This soundbar gives you a wide range of high fidelity audio for maximum enjoyment of your favorite music, movies, and TV shows.

Featuring bi-amplified mid-woofers and tweeters with advanced DSP processing that then work seamlessly with the wireless subwoofer, the HEOS HomeCinema soundbar will amaze you. Including both optical and coaxial digital audio inputs, this soundbar also has HDMI output and input that utilizes Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and DTS decoders. These decoders take music from their original discrete channels and applies the amazing Denon advanced proprietary DSP to give you a complete surround sound experience like you’ve never felt before.

The HEOS HomeCinema soundbar also includes a dual 5.25” oval driver inside the wireless subwoofer, to deliver a deep bass with low distortion and flat response coming from the precision DSP audio tuning. The subwoofer has 5.25” woofers and twin 20mm dome tweeters that work together to give you an immersive sound like no other.

Controlling the HEOS HomeCinema soundbar is easy with the HEOS app available for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire. Once the soundbar and subwoofer are connected to your home Wi-Fi network, the full line of HEOS products can be controlled with your fingertips. In contrast to many of the other soundbars on the market, this one not only fits easily and cleanly into your current set-up, but one single HDMI cable is most likely all you will need to connect it to your television.

The HEOS HomeCinema soundbar sits easily below your TV, and the only limitation to your placement of the subwoofer is where there is an AC outlet for it. Once in place, biamplified dual midwoofers and two soft dome tweeters work together to give you show-stopping, room-filling, amazing quality sound that will fill all the rooms in your house with HEOS speakers. The subwoofer then adds powerful bass so you can feel the explosions and have more realistic sound effects. Two different modes give you the choice of “surround” or “dialogue enhance”, depending on what you are listening to and how you would like to experience it.

We highly recommend the entire Denon HEOS line for your home theater system, and would love to talk to you about how it could enhance the sound quality of not only your home theater, but also streaming music throughout your house.

*Photo credit Denon