HEOS 1 Go Pack ReviewSo you already have the amazing HEOS 1 multi-room speaker that functions off you home Wi-Fi, but it doesn’t have any Bluetooth by itself and needs to be plugged into an outlet in order to be used. What if there was a way to make it completely portable? There is now!

Let me introduce you to the HEOS 1 Go Pack.

The HEOS 1 Go Pack is a lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack that will attach to the base of your HEOS 1 speaker with an easy twist-on/off attachment. This enables you to listen to your favorite music using your favorite speaker anywhere, thanks to the included Bluetooth USB connector; no Wi-Fi connection needed. At full capacity, the Go Pack will keep the HEOS 1 playing for up to 6 hours. Plug it in to AC power, and it automatically charges the built-in battery.

Worried about taking it out by the pool or to a picnic? Don’t be. The HEOS 1 Go Pack includes a silicone splashguard for protection and even seals off the speaker’s connections and Bluetooth receiver from moisture. You can use it poolside, on the spa deck, or even while tailgating with confidence. You still can’t leave it outside indefinitely, but it will protect it from some rain and enough moisture that a splash won’t do any damage.

Bonus points to Denon for the fact that you can not only listen to your favorite music from your connected smartphone, but it will also charge your device at the same time. How perfect is that for when you are away from an AC power source and you need to recharge your phone? With the HEOS 2 speakers priced at $199 and the Go Pack addition for $99, your money will be well spent. It also comes in both black and white to fit your preference. Let us help you make your amazing sound portable with the new HEOS 1 Go Pack. Give us a call today at 704-450-4401.

*Photo credit Denon.com