Luxul XWS-2500Are you looking for a wireless controller set-up that fits both your budget and your design concept?  The best new option on the market is Luxul’s XWS-2500 Wireless Controller Kit!

Luxul’s Wireless Controller Kit includes one XWC-1000 controller, two XAP-1500 high power access points (APs), and PoE injectors. It was designed especially for the custom integration pro, and addresses most wireless networking challenges such as seamless roaming and simple setup. This kit provides centralized management for up to 16 wireless access points (APs), and is ideal for either residential or commercial use. And as an extra bonus: it comes with a 3 year limited warranty.

But what can you use Luxul’s XWS-2500 to do? One of the major benefits of this set-up is that you can seamlessly roam between multiple access points, making movement a much more feasible option throughout your house or office. Ever better, you can create a secure guest network for all kinds of uses. 

This controller features not only seamless client roaming between access points, but also a very simple client control and configuration of Luxul APs. Location won’t be a problem with a durable 1U metal enclosure that makes it easy to place within a rack or for use on a desktop.

You might be asking yourself, what about the access point features? Each AP has a high power output of 100mW for maximum coverage. They also feature concurrent dual band (2.4 GHz and 5GHz) as well as data transfers of up to 900Mbps. Additionally, the low profile design makes it simple and stylish to easily install on any ceiling, wall, or other flat surface. 

Let us help you simplify your wireless controller needs with Luxul’s XWS-2500 kit. You won’t believe the amazing functionality of such simple machinery.

*Photo credit Luxul