Let’s face it: sometimes having only one screen in your home theater space just isn’t enough.

Sometimes there may be an important game being shown live that you would like to watch while your children watch Daniel Tiger for the umpteenth time that day. Maybe you want to keep your eye on the stock market while also watching an extra-long baseball game and a movie all at the very same time. It is for these, and many other, occasions that you might want to consider having multiple screens in your home theater.

There are, of course, several different approaches to designing and setting up the home theater of your dreams. For lots of homeowners this does include purchasing multiple screens (at varying sizes) for simultaneous and varied entertainment options depending on your preferences and household makeup. Perhaps you want to have one large television flanked on either side by two smaller sets. Maybe you want to have a large screen television with a roll-down projector screen system in front of it, giving you the option to hide that projector screen when it’s not in use.

Just browsing Houzz will give you a multitude of ideas, but ideas don’t always help you get to the best end for a project since your specific home, ceiling height, room size, budget, and available wall space impact what can be accomplished.

Some issues that you might run into if you do attempt to set up multiple screens in one home theater can include HDMI splitting, getting your HTPC to function on multiple channels at once, programming your receiver for multiple hook-ups, and getting your remotes to work properly to name just a few. This is where having a home theater professional can really simplify things. We know how to make all your home theater components function together in synchronicity. We know the best ways to configure your home theater setup for not only function, but form as well.

Keep dreaming big, and let us help you set up the multiple screen home theater system of your dreams.