Good news! Quality home theater experiences don’t have to be restricted to only your home theater. With many homeowners requesting open concept living, and many new home builders happily obliging, many homes today don’t have a dedicated space for just a home theater.

But just because your home doesn’t have a dedicated media room does not mean that you have to sacrifice the home theater experience that you want. Giving you a home theater experience in any room of your house can be much easier than you might imagine.

Let’s start in the so-called great room. This is typically a room that includes visual access at least to the kitchen, eating space, and living room. It is great for entertaining and for when you have children you need to keep an eye on, but it isn’t always the best setup for a home theater. This hybrid space CAN, however, be converted into a home theater experience that you may have never dreamed possible in such a large space. With some automated shades, acoustic engineering, and the right screen setup, you won’t believe the home theater experience you can have in this hybrid space.

Perhaps you want to feel like you’re actually cooking with Bobby Flay in the kitchen. Perhaps you want to watch the news while you are getting ready in your bathroom in the morning. Both of these, and more, are great examples of hybrid spaces that we can help setup for you.

There are major advantages to having a home theater professional setup a hybrid space entertainment area for you. Not only are we experts at home theater equipment and getting the best for your budget, but we are also concerned about the aesthetics of your room. We know how to hide wires and setup wireless configurations so that you don’t have to see any wires at all. So don’t be intimidated by the thought of setting up your hybrid space with home theater quality equipment.  Let the professionals do it right the first time. Give us a call at 704-450-4401.