Half of the new homes built in 2014 were built with pre-installed structured wiring, along with home theater and monitored security systems pre-wired as well. Designing your new construction home around your home theater and wiring needs will not only save you money, but can definitely make your home theater installation much quicker and simpler.

We love working with people to plan their dream home theater system. What better time to do it than when you are building a new home?

No matter if it’s a home theater room or media room you are looking to install in your new house, or bonus space that you want to utilize for your sports or movie watching, planning and designing your space before you build and pre-wiring it as needed is a win-win.

A room predesigned for a home theater offers many advantages over retro-fitting any home into a home theater. Pre-wiring eliminates the need for us to cut into your dry-wall and/or ceiling to install wiring, and in-wall or in-ceiling speakers.  Additionally, we will have already crawled in your attic to drop the wires necessary for your dream home theater, and your electricity grid will be designed to carry the load of your new home theater equipment.

Working with builders is a win-win for both of us. Builders get the incentive of designing premium home theater rooms with our added expertise on board. We can advise the electrical design of the home to ensure maximum enjoyment of the new home theater as well as the most economical use of wiring technology. We also will run all the wires for the home theater system, leaving the electrician to focus on the wiring of the rest of the house.

Rest assured, our expertise in designing home theaters will enhance your experience in your new home. We can advise you on the best layout for speakers, best television or projector for the size of your room, and all of the best systems to make your home theater experience all it can be within your budget. We can’t wait to help you design the home theater of your dreams in your newly built home.