Vivido Lighting System by URCThe most vivid and modern RF lighting available for one room or your whole house, including intelligent, wireless two-way control and lighting solutions that can be combined with TotalControl or ccGen2 home automation systems, is now available from Universal Remote Control (URC). If you already have a lighting system in your home, you’re still in luck as Vivido Lighting is also compatible with other popular market lighting products.

Once you get a glimpse of what Vivido Lighting by URC can do for your home, you may just ditch your other lighting products all together, though.

This amazing new Vivido lighting system includes one-touch controls from URC remotes, keypads, or mobile apps for scenes, home and away settings, entertaining, and ambiance. The 5 scene wall-mount keypads come in black, white, and almond, with a blue LED light to provide the status of what is happening, and is as easy to program as your radio preset buttons in your car. The keypad can be married to your home automation system or stand-alone home lighting system. If you prefer to use the mobile app, rest assured that it works on both iOS and Android phones, making it easily available for anyone to use. You can also use a battery powered stick-on-the-wall dimmer that makes any retrofit a simple task. The Vivido lighting system also works great with URC’s newest MX8 controller, which makes automation of your entire system even simpler.

The system includes master and accessory light dimmers, switches, a lamp dimming module, and an appliance switching module. You can control and dim all different loads including MLV, LED, Compact Fluorescent, and more. The choice I recommend is the new URC LED light bulbs, as they are expected to last longer than 20+ years based upon normal usage, and save energy over the life of the bulbs.

When it comes to installation, no special repeaters or wiring are required, making it a simpler job than many of the other automated lighting solutions on the market today.

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*Photo credit URC