Episode Signature Series SpeakersWith the slogan, “A Great Speaker Makes You Forget It Exists,” Episode Signature Series Speakers are designed to do one thing: sound great in your home. Each Episode Signature Series speaker comes with a lifetime warranty, boasting that these will be the “last speakers you ever buy.” All materials used in manufacturing are hand-selected for application and are built to last.

Episode Speakers is a small company that is interested in just one thing: creating the best speakers on the market.

As an example of the unique acoustic qualities incorporated into their products, the bipole tweeter array available in the in-ceiling surround sound speakers produces ambient sound that will absolutely envelope you. These specific in-ceiling and in-wall speakers come in 4-inch to 8-inch sizes. You can add a back-box that directly connects to the network trick to them, if you choose. These speakers are made with a sealed enclosure to ensure predictable performance no matter your wall composition.

The Episode 900 series in-wall home theater speakers each feature dual 7 inch NCS woofers with a 3-way system design made with strong but lightweight honeycomb design. Their 4.65 inch ribbon makes for outstanding clarity while those natural cell structure woofers deliver the over-the-top sound experience that you can expect from Episode Signature Series Speakers. These ES-HT950-IW-7 in-wall speakers are also easily adjusted to the specifications of your room with adjustable woofer bass-boost, flat boundary compensation, and independently adjustable mid-range and tweeter levels.

The Episode Signature Series products have won multiple awards from such reputable sources as HomeTheaterReview.com, Electronic House, Speaker Review, Sound and Video Contractor, and Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, to name just a few. Their products have been designed and engineered with custom AV installation in mind. In fact, the 1300, 1500, and 1700 series in this line of signature speakers were designed with care over the course of 18 months.

You will not regret spending the extra cash on these amazing speakers that will help to create an outstanding experience for your home theater. If you are interested in learning more about how these speakers would integrate with your existing home theater or media room, give us a call at 704-450-4401.

*Image credit Episode Speakers