Samsung 1.1 inch F8500 series Plasma Smart TVThe plasma television fad is dying, but that makes it the perfect time to buy one. Sounds crazy, right? Allow me to explain…

Just in time for quitting the plasma business, Samsung has introduced the best of the line: a 1.1” thick plasma television perfect for your home theater, the F8500 series. There are pros and cons to purchasing a plasma TV at this point, but we think you won’t regret spending the extra money to get one now.

One of the biggest pros to purchasing plasma now, is that because of the decline in manufacturing, the prices are starting to drop. You might pay less for the product, but you will still get all the benefits that plasma has to offer. Samsung’s F8500 series plasma television is one of the most energy efficient televisions on the market right today. This is not to suggest that the energy savings will pay for the television over time; rather, that if you are looking into greener options for your home theater, this is one route to take. Other plasma TV bonuses include accurate colors, deep black levels, and unlimited viewing angles unlike curved or LCD televisions.

Samsung’s F8500 series has been described as the last “best” plasma television on the market by Consumer Reports, and now costs between $1800 and $2700 depending on screen size. While the price point may seem high, the return on investment is worth every penny. Not only do you get the standard plasma pros as described above, but you also get wonderful shadow detail, an amazing feature list with touch-pad remote, and the industry’s most capable Smart TV platform.

Did I mention that it comes with 3D functionality as well?

One worry that I hear is that because plasma televisions are going out of manufacture, people may not be able to get their televisions serviced when they need it because of lack of parts or service packages. As Samsung is a leading manufacturer of televisions the world over, you do not need to worry; they will always back up their products with service.

Bottom line: Samsung’s F8500 series is energy efficient, high quality, and worth the money.  The plasma fad may be coming to an end, but you should certainly take advantage of this television series from Samsung while you can.

*Photo credit Samsung