LG UHD OLED TV reviewAt the 2015 Consumer Electronics show, one of the most promising new technologies in televisions was introduced by LG. The new Ultra High Definition (UHD) Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) televisions are all the buzz, and for good reason. These new televisions come in three sizes: 55”, 65”, and coming soon a 77”. All these TVs feature flexible and curved displays, webOS 2.0 Smart TV technology, a magic remote with upgraded functions, Quad core processing, and Harmon/Kardon speaker system with a wireless subwoofer.

According to Digital Trends, this is the best television that they have ever seen. The flexible and curved displays mean that you can watch this television the way that you want to: either flat or curved depending on your preference.

The UHD OLED televisions have amazing picture contrast, and highlights include enhanced performance, design, & audio quality. Additionally, LG has announced that it will be exclusively partnering with the GoPro Smart TV to feature 4K UHD streaming content from DirecTV and YouTube. This strategic partnering with DirecTV will allow TV owners to directly access on-demand content and their Genie HD DVR without an additional DirecTV box.

LG isn’t stopping there with their partnerships for new streaming content through webOS. They are also partnering with Showtime, iHeartRadio, HSN, and others to bring even more streaming content to their customers. While the price point at $10,000 for the 65” model is well above most people’s budgets, what you get for your money, and the development that LG has put into this model, makes it well worth it. The design of these televisions is amazing with “Art Slim” technology that includes a transparent stand making the television appear to float in mid-air.

The bottom line: This is an amazing new development in the world of television, and early adopters will be lining up in droves.  If the price scares you away for now, don’t worry, it is sure to drop in the near future.

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