Sling TV lets you cut the cable cord by streaming live TVAre you looking to cut the cable cord and checking out your options? Most people have heard of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, but Sling TV is the newest internet streaming service on the market. With 14 live streaming channels to choose from for $20/month, plus three add-on packages for extras sports, kids’ shows or news for $5 apiece, Dish Network is hoping you will make the leap to Sling TV.

Sling TV is touted as everything you love about cable without the high cost, but is it really all that great? It honestly depends on what kind of television you watch on a regular basis. If ESPN, HGTV, and Disney channel basically cover your viewing, then you are in luck. If you are addicted to Vikings on the History channel, Sling TV will not be able to accommodate your wishes.

Sling TV is currently only available in the US, but they are looking to expand their channel selection to other countries’ content as well.  Like other streaming services before them, Sling TV is also working on adding a movie rental service.

Unlike traditional cable, you can online casino watch Sling TV on all sorts of devices such as Xbox One, Amazon’s Fire TV, and stick, iOS, Android, Roku, Mac and PC computers, along with Samsung and LG Smart TVs. One thing you can’t do is resume play from one platform to another, but I’m hopeful this is a temporary negative that they will work out soon. Some have criticized the price-to-content ratio, though I suspect this will even out as more people use the service and more streaming channels are added to the basic line-up.

There is basically no set-up at all for Sling TV, and no required contract or equipment to get it up and running. You DO need to make sure you have an outstanding internet connection if you expect uninterrupted streaming. You also should expect cable-typical commercial interruptions, unlike most other streaming services. Not every channel has pause or rewind functions either, which is a little disappointing.

Expert opinion: Sling TV has great potential for those who want to cut the cable cord, but isn’t quite there when it comes to content and functionality.

Photo credit: Sling TV