Comparing these two new types of televisions – the Samsung SUHD and the LG OLED – is similar to comparing apples and oranges because OLED is a television display technology, and SUHD is screen resolution technology.

Although “television display” and “screen resolution” might sound like similar technologies, let me explain the difference. OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) is a display technology that has a pixel and white sub-pixel structure with outstanding depth of color. Ultra High Definition (SUHD’s predecessor) has a screen resolution of 4000 x 2000 pixels, and Samsung claimed at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show that SUHD will be even better, though never exactly explained what the “S” stands for.

As a homeowner searching for the best home theater technologies for your needs, what you are likely to experience with each of these new technologies is what should make the difference to you when you are choosing which one to purchase. With the LG OLED, you have a choice between flat or curved screens in different sizes, meaning you can choose between 7 different LG OLED televisions depending on which fits your home theater style and space. So, what’s the potential negative with OLED? It isn’t as bright as the Samsung counterpart in both UHD and the newest SUHD. However, the color contrast of the LG OLED is absolutely amazing. Samsung’s SUHD resolution is powered by “quantum dot technology” which features crystals 50,000 times smaller than a human hair. Samsung offers the SUHD in 48” to 88” sizes, all curved for your enjoyment with brilliantly bright screens.

Which should you choose for your home theater? It honestly is a preference thing. Personally I would recommend the Samsung SUHD if you prefer the brighter screen resolution of (S)UHD. But if you’re a color purist, then the LG OLED television may be the better way to go. LG also offers flat screen connoisseurs a more traditional viewing, while also offering the depth of curved screen technology for us technophiles.

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*Photo credit Samsung