z-wave-home-automation-technologyMany companies are diving into the home automation game, and Z-Wave is coming up as one of the most important of them all. With over ten years in the market, and the ability to be controlled from your smart phone, tablet, or PC, Z-Wave proves to be an outstanding way to automate multiple different systems in one simple wireless technology.  Z-Wave Gateway is able to be used both at home and while you are away, giving you unbridled access to your home security, thermostat, and several other systems from anywhere. Utilizing the same online encryption as banks, you can rest assured that your control is secure as well.

One of the most unique features of Z-Wave technology is that it is wireless, and uses a “mesh network” which passes signals from one Z-Wave product to another until it reaches its intended destination in a relay type system. This extends the range of Z-Wave. It also runs with low power, which is especially great for things that run on batteries.

Z-Wave’s compatibility with other systems makes for a smooth transition no matter what you already have installed in your home. It works with over 1,000 different Z-Wave products as well, so the options truly seem endless. This compatibility makes it a simple install, too, with minimal start-up costs and easy-to-add-on products as you go. Ninety percent of the biggest names in security are compatible with Z-Wave, and the company already has over 20 million products in homes all over the world.

The biggest benefits of having Z-Wave technology in your home come from added security, energy, and time savings, and an aging protocol in place. Z-Wave also allows you to set up your lights, thermostat, and security to come on at certain settings whenever you designate them.  That means you get automated scene setting for your entire home at your fingertips. The options for scenes are unlimited, but might include a list like: sleepy time, sunrise, sunset, going out, movie, etc. All of this can be controlled with your smart devices and/or with the tap of your phone to installed NFC tags. While certainly not the least expensive option out there, the benefits to this system as comparable to some others, certainly outweigh the costs.

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